Background image: Drini's Waterfall, a river located in Kosovo

About Blue Waterfall Films L.L.C.

Marketing, Advertising & Media
     Drin and Drita established Blue Waterfall Films in 2015 after they realized that they had a talent and love for film production and photography. Starting out as wedding photographers for friends and family, they quickly realized this “hobby” could become something more, which led to sharing their services for business clients.
     Blue Waterfall Films L.L.C. was established in June 2015, while Drin and Drita attended Union County College in Union County, New Jersey. When Drin took introduction to business class, his professor Dr. Cynthia Singer (one of his favorite professors of all times) helped him develop his first Business Plan which he named D&D. The business plan content was about a small company which provides professional photos and videos about any kind of occasions. One of the first projects was Union County College 15 Credits (Link), a Video contest where they won the best video award.
    In 2015, for the first time at Union County College, Drin took Introduction to Business class with Dr. Cynthia Singer where he had to develop a business plan. After he finished his assignment, Drita and Drin decided to register the company as L.L.C. and started working in different projects, including music video, special occasions, private events, birthday parties, christening and helped with website and social media services a very successful restaurant "Romola's Seafood and Grille" located in Cranford, New Jersey. 
Drini's Waterfall located in Kosovo
     In December 2015, Drin and Drita got married where with the help of their friends they have realized their first wedding video which happened at the same restaurant, Romola's Seafood and Grille. After one month, they decided to go to Miami, Florida to celebrate their Honey Moon, where they took professional photos for their marriage since the weather and the nature was different from their current home town. (Link) While showing others their professional work, they continued closing deals with others and started booking different events and projects.     
    After graduation from Union County College, Drin and Drita decided to continue their education at Rutgers Business School, located in Newark, New Jersey. Drin continued his education in Marketing major, while Drita continued studying Finance. Both of them started taking classes about their future profession where they developed their business content and continue to become very successful young entrepreneurs. 
    Lately, they have been working with another company called Move n Art, where they helped them develop their website, social media, and products. Drin and Drita worked closely with the owner of Move n Art, Peggy Masse and John (her late husband) where together they updated the contend of Move n Art and opened a new company called Move n Art Relaxation L.L.C.
   Right now, Blue Waterfall Films L.L.C. is located in Westfield, New Jersey where they now live together in a small apartment which now became a new home for them. Drin and Drita are very familiar with the location now, and they have met a lot of successful people around the area and at the same time they work together with the mission to help the community in different causes including fundraising events that helps youth develop their desires and goals.


Union County College


Video Contest 2015

Union County College Video Contest 2015

"Think Smart, Graduate Fast, Get More, Pay Less"

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