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   Family Events: 

The digital age has given us the ability to easily document these important moments; Blue Waterfall Films can take Professional Videos every moment of your special event and with little magic by our creative team, you will have a beautiful recollection of your family event. 


Videos are a fast and simple way to introduce your company to potential clients. Our video production services include creating the concept, marrying it to the rest of your marketing plan, to the final editing stage, and completion. We can produce videos appropriate for

advertising on your website, TV commercials, and on social media sites. The addition of video testimonials from satisfied customers will provide authenticity to the products or services offered by your company. As part of a comprehensive marketing plan, video advertising is an effective avenue to explain and promote the services or goods you offer.



  Small businesses and large corporations will have successes throughout the year that you may want to record and share with your clients on your website or social media platforms. For such moments, Blue Waterfall Films has turned to video, in addition to still photographs. BWF can assist you with:

•  Film your team when celebrating a special success;

•  Edit previously recorded videos of such occasions and prepare them for archiving on your website and social media;


   Family Events: 

More and more today, families rely on the skills of a professional photographer to capture the essence of a family in portraits. Blue Waterfall Films can take Photos or Videos every moment of your special event and with little magic by our creative team, you will have a beautiful recollection of your family event.


In addition to creating a video of the services provided by your business, Blue Waterfall Films can provide excellent still photographs and help you showcase your products and services, as well as your team with professional portrait photos for  posting on your website. 


  Blue Waterfall Films has years of experience with capturing the essence of special occasions. From ribbon-cutting ceremonies, fundraising galas, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, or anniversary celebrations, any event you choose to host, we can provide the photography services to document the memories of your special day. We are also experienced in creating testimonial videos or flashback videos using old photographs to be shown at a wedding or other family occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive pricing for these services.

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