First of all, many thanks to everyone who is helping to pass the COVID-19 while improving the services for the healthcare system, the economy, and social life.

During these times, the European Commission has done an incredible job by helping the young entrepreneurs to connect and help our communities keep up with the high energy while impacting everyone's life.

Together with a group of young entrepreneurs on March 23rd, we started the initiative "Become Creative," a fantastic group with a lot of creative people that share their ideas and other's ideas with the community. Our group promotes education, health, business, sport, technology, science, music, art, innovation, productivity, and many more areas of creative solutions.

On April 2nd, my brother invited me to become part of the Hack the Crisis Kosova, organized by Innovation Centre Kosovo. We Started our initiative "Do it now" to support and promote athletes by encouraging them to do physical activities and help others stay fit while eating healthy to boost their immune system.

Further on April 9th, we became part of Hack the Crisis organized by The Global Hack fantastic opportunity to connect with all countries around the world while developing our ideas of promoting a Healthy Living Lifestyle. World Online Olympics is our new initiative, which we originated by co-operating with professionals around the world, intending to motivate World Olympic Athletes to stay in good shape and help their communities and followers remain active and fit.

On April 24th, I become a mentor of Pan-EU Hackathon, #EUvsVirus hosted by EU Science & Innovation, where I participated as a volunteer to help other entrepreneurs develop their ideas. I've worked with up to 10 new startups inside the #EUvsVirus community, a fantastic project with great goals towards improving our future world and transform this earth into an amazing and healthier planet.

On May 22nd, I decided to participate in the EUvsVirus Matchathon hosted by EUvsVirus. I became a EUvsVirus Matchathon Partner, allowing me to share my knowledge to help #EUvsVirus startups and investors connect. The EUvsVirus Matchathon is an excellent opportunity for many investors to meet amazing entrepreneurs from around the world whose focus is a better future for everyone.

My Message to Everyone

We must stop complaining and start investing in our healthcare system, education, and economy. The best way to do this is to start with your community. Find passionate people that are willing to work towards creating a better future for all generations. Contact the European Union Commission and all new startups, which already developed their Business Plans and Strategies. These entrepreneurs are ready to change the world. Their goal is to keep the economy leveled and improve it by offering new jobs and new opportunities to all generations, using the technology to enhance every corner of our daily life.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more information about “how to become a successful entrepreneur” or “finding a new start up to invest.”

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article. I wish everyone good health and a happy future.


Drin Llalloshi

Business Consultant and Passionate Entrepreneur

#EUvsVirus #Matchathon

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