Progress Clothing Resale Opened the Doors to Their New Westfield Location

On Friday evening, May 17th, 2019, Progress Clothing Resale held their very first Annual Fashion Show at the James Ward Mansion in Downtown Westfield, New Jersey.

Video by: Blue Waterfall Films

As of February 2018, Tiffani Serafin is the new owner of Progress Clothing Resale, initially owned by Tricia Caminos, where it was originally designed in the sweet little town of Garwood, NJ. Tiffani began working for this adorable thrift shop in the Summer of 2016; the minute she stepped foot into Progress, it took a hold of her heart in a way nothing else ever had. As the saying goes, “timing is everything,” and in this situation, the timing could not have worked out more perfectly. At the time, Tricia could no longer give her thrift shop the attention it truly deserved. While only being able to promise Tiffani 9 hours a week, Tiffani trusted her instincts and jumped on the offer, without hesitation. Turns out, she was constantly covering shifts and never once worked those short 9 hours. Progress was slowly becoming her second home, and the more time she spent at Progress, the more she foresaw herself opening her very own thrift shop. She began to share her vision with Trish, asking her for thoughts and any possible advice she can throw her way. She encouraged Tiffani to follow her heart, offered to be her mentor, and even went as far as telling her to “take her advice and run with it.” Their conversation that day ended with Tricia saying, “Who knows? Maybe one day Progress will be yours.” Well, just six months into working for her business, Tiffani received the phone call that would soon flip her entire world upside down. Here, Tiffani Serafin is today, more grateful, blessed and thankful than anyone could ever imagine. She made her dream come true; she fought for her realist, most authentic happiness in this life. Clothes are what makes Tiffani happy; fashion is what she absolutely adores.

Tiffani opened the doors to her new Westfield location, 1100 South Avenue W., on May 14th, 2018. The relocation came from the passion and drive to begin an exciting, new journey as the new owner. As she made the big move, her new home was completely gutted and under construction. It was most definitely a work in “progress,” with the renovation taking 8 weeks. However, this gave Tiffani all the opportunity in the world to design her shop, top to bottom. With a blank canvas at her fingertips, she was simply in heaven. Tiffani has always been told that she was “born in the wrong era,” and with that being said, her vision was to create a shop with a 50’s retro vibe. From the classic, black and white checkered floors, to Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia, and a pink plastic couch— she most definitely achieved her end goal!

On Friday evening, May 17th, 2019, Tiffani held her very first Annual Fashion Show at the gorgeous, James Ward Mansion in Downtown Westfield, in which the night was not only about the glitz and glamour, but most importantly it was about raising awareness for a great cause. She chose The Junior League of Elizabeth Plainfield; an incredible, nonprofit organization who help families in crisis, as well as help at-risk teen girls prepare for college and the workforce through career programs called, “The Career Closet” and “Teen Closet,” in hopes to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem by providing them with appropriate business attire, including accessories and shoes. “It’s organizations like these that truly make the world a better place. Women empowerment is most definitely something everyone should stand behind. We always need to support one another, encourage one another, and love one another. Together, as women, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. As Rosie the Riveter would say- WE CAN DO IT!” Tiffani states.

The evening of May 17th was nothing short of a dream for Tiffani. All of her extremely hard work surely paid off; from choosing each specific piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories that she felt represented her models and her shop, to all of the organizing of her inventory. She states, “With 24 models and 2 or 3 looks per model, back stage was a total mess throughout the show, but all I cared about was that my girls were loving their attire and just enjoying themselves and having the best night ever!” Simply seeing the smiles and laughter of all of her beautiful models, dear friends, family, and customers at The James Ward Mansion, showing such dedication and support, gave Tiffani all the power for her to continue to do what she loves every single day that she steps foot into her very own store. When it comes to clothes and style, Tiffani’s vision is unique, fun, and rare. Her buying is strictly based on style alone; not designer label, brand, or tag. As she always tells her customers- “the more funky, the better!” As she prepped and dressed her models, she told them, “whatever doesn’t match or make sense, makes the most sense to me and I’m all about it!”

Tiffani thanks the Ward family; James and John Ward, and John’s lovely fiancé, Amanda Jaquin, from the bottom of her heart. She is extremely grateful and blessed to have had such a wonderful opportunity, and to have been able to share her very first event with the ones she holds closest to her heart. With all of the hype and talk from this Fashion Show, Ms. Serafin is already looking forward to 2020 to host her second show. Nothing can stop this lady now.

Article by: Progress Clothing Resale Staff

Photos by: Dave Persaud

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