Respect, Honesty, Caring, and Responsibility

Today, we must encourage excellent examples while promoting Respect, Honesty, Caring, and Responsibly.

Today, we must applaud everyone working every day to prevent the spread of this unwanted virus around the world. Only by supporting good examples, we could work together towards our goals for a better future. We must applaud to motivate everyone to continue the job and not give up until they reach the finish line.

We must thank all Health care Staff, Staff of Educational/Culture Organizations, Staff of none for profit Organizations, School/Education Staff, Sport Staff, Police Staff, Firefighters Staff, Security Force Staff, Municipal Staff, Institutional Staff, Business Staff, Hygiene Staff, Media Staff, Science, and Technology Staff and every single resident of the earth for the contribution, even if it's just to stay home and help prevent the spread of this unwanted virus. Especially, we must thank every leader of all these groups that in these conditions should make decisions which affect all people’s lives and we must understand that their job is not that easy.

We must be an excellent example for future generations because those generations will be an example of our future. Their success will decide about everyone’s future.


Drin Llalloshi

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