Sound Drops from a Brooklyn Exhibition

Amid the pandemic, the New York City based composer Margin Alexander has found a way a way to collaborate with painters on a Music Exhibition format. About 20 visual artists from the US, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Russia etc. commissioned him to produce the "Sound Drops from a Brooklyn Exhibition" event.

During this particular Music Exhibition, Margin composed, adapted and performed about 20 original music pieces to each selected artwork by each artist. What made the event special was the fact that Margin also projected each work or several works and he narrated them by pointing out specific details that fueled his inspiration. The event took place in a Brooklyn Art studio (well regulated in accordance with the healthy safety measures in power.) With the assistance of the Blue Waterfall Films production crew, artists and guests were also able to live-stream the event in HD and be part of a series of interviews.

Article by: Margin Alexander

Be Creative TV Show

Productions: Blue Waterfall Films & Albanian Culture TV

Performance by: Margin Alexander

Videographers: Olsi Beci & Drin Llalloshi

TV Host: Drite Rexhepi

Brooklyn, New York

November, 2020

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