Technology in our Daily Life

March 2020 will be recorded in the the history of humanity from the unwanted virus called COVID-19 which is now present in our society. According to specialists, the best way to fight this virus is to stay home to prevent ourselves from getting the infection and then spreading it to others.

Because our daily lives used to be different than what they are today, we are facing a situation that we’ve never confronted before. Some are lucky and have a job that let’s them work from home, which allows them to remain busy during the week. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to all situations.

Having free time is great, but how do we pass our time? We could play a board game if we live with other family members. Even so, many of us overuse technology, including our cell phones, laptops, and other screen devices like our TV. The advantage of technology is that we can receive and share information faster so we can help others understand the importance of the shared information. In addition, technology use lets us be productive, creative, innovative, and develop a product or services that could help others in the future. For example, we could research, “How to start a small business?”

The disadvantage of overusing technology is the adverse effects of screen time for a long time. The information comes to our brain through our eyes, which could hurt our eyes in the long term. Another disadvantage of overusing technology is the sedentary lifestyle it causes. How long do we sit in the same place? Do we even stand up or walk around to keep active? How about exercising to keep our muscles active? We must be conscious of our actions and make the positive choice to properly affect our daily routine. To be continued!

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